Jewellers Academy Opening Dates Announced

It is with pride we announce the opening of  the new, state of the art training  facilities at the  Jewellers Academy, Yorkshire. The training centre dedicated to the jewellery industry, has undergone complete restoration over the recent turbulent years and finally, after a long journey the doors are set to open!!

Derek Boyd , founder of the Academy commented " The Jewellers Academy  has  been training people in the jewellery industry for nearly 20 years on a small scale , in  2013 with the help of Humberlep  and RGF we were given the opportunity to upscale and expand the Academy . Year on year we seen interest and growth in the training centre as its style of training with optional jewellery sector modules to choose from is unique within the UK  so we have expanded yet again to a completely different level.

 Leading global brands for tools and equipment  have now become involved in this radical style of training and very quickly affiliated to the Jewellers Academy. On 26th August at 12pm, we launched a new prospectus for two commercially structured 40 week courses, the trainee attending one day per week to learn jewellery repairing and restoration ------ within 3 hours we sold out 4 times over ! The interest and daily inquiries is simply unbelievable in both short and long courses. With our commitment to deliver short specialised courses  we have only the capacity to run 2 x 40 week courses per year with many short courses being announced monthly. It truly has been a long journey to get to this position but when one receives heart felt messages of gratitude from successful candidates  who have been accepted to the Training Centre it certainly touches you in a way I find hard to explain but certainly makes  all the hard work and sacrifices worth while. 

The ethos of the centre is  'Quality of workmanship'  and will always remain so ,  if we can make one small difference within the industry at least its a start!  We thank all the tradesmen and women who helped us restore this beautiful building, create an ideal place to learn and hopefully give some young people a better chance in life! " 

Group A - Induction Day  3rd November 2022   -  12pm 

                  Day 1 - 10th November 2022                  8.30am 

Group B   - Induction day  11th January  2023    - 12pm   

                   Day 1 - 18th January 2023                      8.30am        

Terms dates / terms and conditions will be discussed on induction day.

For all those who have applied - Short courses to be scheduled and dates announced 

We wish everyone good luck in their new career or simply  their experience at the Jewellers Academy .

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