Level 3 course overview

Our 40 week Jewellery Repair & Restoration Goldsmithing course focuses on the skills you need to perform high quality repairs. Trainees attend the workshop one day per week with set modules to be learned and optional modules to tailor the course to you. Prices include all materials used and required for the course, and all prices and tuition fees can be found on the prospectus which can be downloaded from the link. You will also find details of a potential bursary which considers all 23/24 trainees that attend the courses in full and successfully complete the optional examinations. All training takes place at our state of the art modern workshops where trainees will learn from experts in the industry and our easy application process takes only 5 minutes and guarantees an onsite interview.

the jewellers academy training course

Trainees Will Learn

Induction Day - Health & Safety / Workshop Practices

  1. Introduction into: drilling, finishing, piercing, using burrs of various types, filing, using attachments for pendant drill, using hand & power tools.

  2. Polishing - an understanding of the importance, process and compounds used in polishing with the use of the pendant drill, fixed polisher, magnetic polisher, scratch brush and other hand processes.

  3. Safety pickle acid baths and their purpose / the use of the ultrasonic cleaner and steam cleaner.

  4. Hallmarking - brief hIstory, purpose and how to decipher.

  5. Testing of metals using various methods

  6. Smelting of metals - rolling & drawing wire of various shapes using manual draw plates & draw table

  7. Annealing & tempering of metals

  8. Texturing methods - using various techniques

  9. The Use of doming & swage blocks / how to manufacture chenier.

  10. The art of soldering- practice and theory using several methods old & new.

  11. Pendant bail and chain end manufacture and repair

  12. Riveting and repinning links Manufacturing of ring shanks of various styles using processes learnt to date. Manufacture of a shank profile to match an existing. Ring sizing of wedding and stone set dress rings.

  13. Rings - how to repair a worn shoulder or ......replace a shank. How to repair/ replace an ......under Bezel.

  14. How to repair / replace basket wires

  15. The use of wedding ring stretcher and gem ......set ring stretcher - The do’s & don’ts. The use .....of Durston shank bender.

  16. Hinge making / hinge riveting

  17. Soldering advance techniques

  18. Introduction to the laser welder / Laser vs .....Flame

  19. Basic Setting - Level 1 to set single stone .....tiffany setting .....Level 2 to reclaw single stone tiffany setting .....Other projects include - tube settings and .....making a bezel setting and to set a Cabochon .....stone.

  20. Electroplating - Gold & Rhodium Plating - .....Hard & Soft. Use of Pen Plating.