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Business & Retail Modules

Jewellery Evaluation Course


Course details: Develop the skills to value all types of jewellery and watches. Learn how to complete a replacement evaluation, allowing for fluctuations in the market, and how to complete the procedure. It is necessary to value absent assets should they become lost or stolen. 

Ledgering Repairs Course

Ledgering Repairs

Course details: The complete process of recording repairs following a tried and tested method of ledgering which complies with insurance regulations. Designing the correct repair invoice to suit your business needs. 

Retail Law Course

Retail Law

Course details: Becoming familiar with limited companies, sole trader, partnership agreements and the responsibilities you have as a retailer. How to deal with legal disputes and the Do’s and Don'ts in retailing. "Not knowing the law is no defense."

Book Keeping Course

Book Keeping

Course details: Develop the skills needed for basic bookkeeping and accounting. Learning the requirements in law for maintaining receipts, invoices and records. Design an invoice to suit your business and a system of accounting that complies with all requirements.

CAD Design Course

CAD Design

Course details: The use of the latest CAD design software within the jewellers trade. In depth training from experts in CAD programming.