Trainees Will Learn

• How to identify plating on precious metal items Factor costs of precious metals into the repair price of that item
• The theory and origin of the electroplating Preparation of the item to be plated
• How to electroplate several different solutions and alternatives onto various precious metals and textures including: rhodium, hard and soft, gold plating, and rose gold plating
• Pen plating
• Sectional plating and how to achieve this
• Storage of fluids Contamination between fluids
• Environmental precautions when disposing of old fluids. Do’s and don’ts
• Tricks of the trade

Course Overview

This module is essential for the modern jeweller as a high proportion of jewellery is plated in the manufacturing process. This means that when one repairs an item by means of soldering, filing, or polishing the plating may be removed as it’s only microns thick. This leaves a different shade or in some cases colour underneath so therefore as part of the repair or restoration the item must be replated again.

The latest machines from Uk based Balco who are affiliated to The Academy will be used in this module! To attend this course no experience is required apart from basic polishing and finishing knowledge.

Electroplating Course

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