Trainees Will Learn

• Testing all precious metals to ascertain their values
• Deciphering all hallmarks of various origins
• Aware of the law in retailing when it comes to hallmarks
• Gold testing
• Do’s and don’ts
• Tricks of the trade

Hallmarking & Precious Metal Testing Course

Course Overview

This course begins with the history and origin of hallmarking and the major changes throughout the years. This important module is information packed to fully understand the reasoning, purpose and absolute necessity of the hallmark for precious metals.

Trainees will also learn the importance of deciphering hallmarks correctly whether for valuation purposes, purchasing or selling. The laws of hallmarking, trading standards and damaged/ unreadable hallmarks will also be discussed. Although quite a large subject, we will help the trainee learn everything they are required to know to be commercially sound in their business.

The precious metal testing is the second part of the module and will consist of testing correctly various precious metals using a variety of equipment on the market today, from the traditional acid tests (which so many jewellers use incorrectly and contaminate) to the latest equipment on the market.

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