Trainees Will Learn

• Basic sawing
• Filing
• Use of pendant drill skills Understanding the theory of soldering
• Proper use of the acid baths and the reasons why they are used
• Related health and safety and environmental protection on the disposal of fluids used
• Use of Microweld, ultrasonic,steam cleaner, polishing machines, acid baths
• Do’s & Don’t'
• Tricks of the trade

Introduction To Soldering Course

Course Overview

The trainee will be guided through the traditional methods of soldering using a hand held flame so in depth understanding may be gained on exactly what occurs during the process of soldering, moving onto modern techniques and types of solders/fluxes using a micro welder, finishing with a session on the most modern process of welding - the latest Orotig laser welders. The course also includes basic finishing, cleaning and polishing using several different methods, techniques and compounds.

The trainee will have an understanding not only how to “read“ the flame, therefore controlling it but also its benefits with knowledge of the Microweld soldering machine which is renowned as one of the safest type of equipment, the course also includes some general maintenance on tools and equipment for future reference.

Trainees will finish this course with a short lecture and session using one of the latest Laser welders from a global leading brand - Orotig laser welders.

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