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Jewellery Course Modules

Introduction To Jewellery Course

Introduction Course

Course details: Learn the variety of different hand tools and equipment required for the making and repair of jewellery. Develop the skills to enable you to become a repairer of your chosen specialized field and how to design and set up a workshop with the minimum equipment needed while taking into consideration all safety requirements. 

Jewellery Hallmarking Course


Course details: Introduction to the origin of hallmarking and the changes that were introduced over the years. How to hallmark your work, how to decipher each hallmark and how to register with the assay office. 

Material Testing Course

Testing Of Materials

Course details: Testing methods to determine Carat gold types, silver and platinum. The best procedures for bench sweeps and how to recycle your gold and silver from scrap. There will be a lecture given by a field expert from a leading UK Bullion company using the latest and most innovative technology in the trade to recoup lemel and sweep.

Jewellery Evaluation Course


Course details: Develop the skills to value all types of jewellery and watches. Learn how to complete a replacement evaluation, allowing for fluctuations in the market, and how to complete the procedure. It is necessary to value absent assets should they become lost or stolen. 

Jewellery Engraving Course


Course details: A comprehensive look at all machine engraving from the basic machines to the latest hi-spec computerized UK machines. 

Gemology Course


Course details: A light study of gemstones, both natural/synthetic and learning about their chemical compositions. How to test each stone so as to distinguish whether they are natural, synthetic or a simulant variety as well as determining their origin. 

Gold & Silver

Soldering Master Class

Soldering Course Level I

Level I

Course details: Develop the skills needed to make multiple joints in the same area using flame soldering.  

Soldering Course Level II

Level II

Course details: Using different techniques you will solder more challenging and complex joints.

Soldering Course Level III

Level III

Course details: Guest experts will demonstrate different methods of soldering such as PUK and laser.

Finishing & Polishing Course

Finishing & Polishing

Course details: Develop the skills needed to  finish your work to the highest professional standard. Learn different cleaning techniques including the ultrasonic cleaner, steamer and magnetic polisher. Learn different polishing techniques such as satin, textured and grain finishing on jewellery items, watch cases and bracelets. 

Working With Gold Course

Working With Gold

Course details: Develop the skills needed to precisely set stones in gold. You will manufacture a plain and textured gold band. Learn the different techniques for soldering gold with different types of settings.

Fold Forming Course

Fold Forming

Course details: Develop the skills needed to master different fold forming techniques including line folding, cross folding, and fold forming with a rolling mill.

PMC Clay

Level I

Course details: Develop the skills to make metal clay charms, hollow form, and torched fire techniques.

Level II

Course details: learn to set fancy bezels, prongs and bails, stone setting in metal clay and how to solder metal clay.

Pearls & Beads

Jewellery Beading Course


Course details: Developing the skills to create loops and manipulate wire, manufacture your own clasps and earwires. Demonstration and hands on experience with a range of different beading tools and stringing materials.

Jewellery Knotting & Restringing Course

Knotting & Restringing

Course Details: A light study of the history of pearls. Develop the skills required to restring all types of pearls and beads, repair/replace clasps and fit safety chains. How to use a range of beading aids and stringing materials using different techniques. 

Jewellery Weaving & Wrapping Course

Weaving & Wrapping

Course details: Develop the skills needed to make pendant bayles, jump rings, earring wires and stud posts. You will learn the basic techniques of wire wrapping and weaving.