Trainees Will Learn

• How to resize a ring
• How to identify each rings tolerance
• Processes for filing Processes for piercing
• Processes for hammering
• Processes for rolling
• Processes for finishing
• Processes for cleaning
• Processes for polishing
• Basic Electorplating
• Basic Stone Setting

Ring Sizing Course

Course Overview

With a basic knowledge of soldering the trainee will be taught how to enlarge and reduce a variety of different types of rings.

• Signets
• Dress rings
• Gem set
• Wedding bands

The trainee will be shown a variety of polishing processes using basic polishing motors (which is inexpensive to replicate in their own workshops) to the latest Durston Airmax air filtration polishing machine so the trainee may experience the differences.

The module also includes some limited experience on the latest Balco electroplating machine so knowledge may be gained for ring sizing that requires plating on completion.

Finally the course also includes some basic stone setting techniques so the trainee may be confident and competent of tightening or refitting a gemstone that has become loose during the sizing or cleaning process. The use of a variety of equipment to include motorised polishing machines, ultrasonics, steam cleaners, mag polishers, basic use of the electro plater, pendant motor and general maintenance upkeep for future reference, a truly full packed module commercially structured and designed.

New 23/24 Courses Are Currently Being structured.

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