Ring Resizing Course Overview

The upgraded 2024 ‘Ring Sizing’ short course is one of our bestselling courses and is of 4 days duration. Soldering experience or completion of the ‘Introduction to Soldering’ Short course is a must by the applicant before applying for this course so that the applicant may achieve successful completion.

The applicant will be guided through a basic smelting and milling process in order for the trainee to understand how to create a matching profile of shank so one may properly enlarge a ring or complete a half-shank (Please note a more intense 3-day course of ‘Smelting & Milling ‘will be available later in 2024.)

Ring Sizing Course

Trainees will learn the following:

• How to size a variety of rings
• How to identify a ring’s tolerance
• Basic Smelting and milling
• Basic Electroplating
• Basic Stone Setting
• A multitude of bench skills
• Correct use of the polishing machine
• Comparing mops/ compounds/ processes
• Pre-finishing
• Ultrasonic/mag/ Steam cleaning
• Lapping


APR | 15th - 18th | LAST FEW PLACES