Short Courses (2-4 Days)

Our short courses cover jewellery and watch repair and restoration. Trainees attend the workshop for two to four days depending on the selected module. Prices include all materials used and required for the course, and all prices and tuition fees can be found on the short course prospectus which can be downloaded from the link below. You will also find details or a potential bursary which considers all 23/24 trainees that attend the courses in full and successfully complete the optional examinations. All training takes place at our state of the art modern workshops where trainees will learn from experts in the industry and our easy application process takes only 5 minutes and guarantees an onsite interview.

Current Short Courses

General Watch Repair Course

Three Day Course

We have revised this short course content as, with time constraints we could not train in as much detail as high level training requires so we have created an optional set of 3 days which has got more topics in depth for the trainee.

Introduction To Soldering Course

Three & A Half Day Course

The 2024 upgraded ‘Introduction to Soldering ‘short course remains one of our most popular classes, and with a duration of 3.5 days, is packed full of soldering techniques, tricks of the trade, Do’s & Don'ts and includes more bench skills than ever before.

Setting & Retipping Level 1 & 2 Course

Four & A Half Day Course

This exciting new launch is a module we have been developing for some time with our long course trainees, so we know first hand its fantastic training for the jobbing Gold / silversmith. The course is embedded with important bench skills.

Ring Resizing Course

Four Day Course

The upgraded 2024 ‘Ring Sizing’ short course is one of our bestselling courses and is of 4 days duration. Soldering experience or completion of the ‘Introduction to Soldering’ Short course is a must by the applicant before applying for this course.

Necklace & Bracelet Repair Course

Four Day Course

This short course remains popular year on year due to the fact it covers the most common repair in the average jewellers shop. The 2024 version of this course, like most others, will be enriched with many more bench skills and techniques.

Electroplating Course

Two Day Course

The Jewellers Academy have teamed up with the UK’s leading electroplating manufacturer, namely Balco UK, to deliver this informative very popular short course. The course is structured to inform the trainee exactly what is required from beginning to end result.

Courses coming soon

SMELTING & Milling course coming later 2024

Three Day Course

Course details: An in depth demonstration of melting gold, annealing, tempering and the manufacture of ring shanks of various profile sections and plain wedding bands. Using the Rolling Mill and learning how to make ingots, wire and sheet.

Hallmarking & precious metal testing course

Three Day Course

Course details: Introduction to the origin of hallmarking and the changes that were introduced over the years. How to hallmark your work, how to decipher each hallmark and how to register with the assay office.

Course details: Testing methods to determine Carat gold types, silver and platinum. The best procedures for bench sweeps and how to recycle your gold and silver from scrap. There will be a lecture given by a field expert from a leading UK Bullion company using the latest and most innovative technology in the trade to recoup lemel and sweep.