Trainees Will Learn

• Annealing & hardening Smelting

• Rolling

• Drawing wire of various shapes/thicknesses

• Creating shanks from scrap precious metal

• Recycling precious metal

• Making basic wedding rings

• The latest Orotig laser welder so as to experience the difference between laser v flame Do’s and don’ts

• Tricks of the trade

Smelting & Milling Course

Course Overview

This module is commercially designed so the jeweller may know the correct procedure in smelting precious metals with excellent results every time. A basic understanding of metallurgy will be discussed and the processes required to manipulate precious metals in the most efficient ways to avoid cracking and orange peel effect. Shank forming and manufacture as well as basic wedding ring manufacture will be taught on this course which is essential for the modern jeweller to be able to save costs and manufacture rather than purchase off the shelf. Drawing wire and rolling are also part of this module using the latest machinery from Uk based Durston who are affiliated to the academy.

The course will conclude with a guest speaker from a UK leading Bullion House on methods of Reclamation to include traditional and modern methods.

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