The watchmaking modules cover all aspects of watch repair from the everyday basic repair/adjustment to the more complicated watch services as well as balance staff turning. We at the Academy can taylor a course to suit each trainee after an assessment is completed.

There will be six levels of learning to incorporate the subjects below:

• Learning the techniques required to install a watch cell correctly

• Link extraction from watch bracelets

• Various types of watch glass installation

• Stem and crown replacement

• Basic pocket watch repair

• Relevant tool making

• Watch case and bracelet refurbishment

• Clasp replacement or alterations 

In depth learning of pocket watch servicing, hairsprings, adjustment, jewel fitting,
stem making, bal staff turning, pallets adjustment, replacement of entry and exit lifts.
Jewels, INCA block understanding
horn and guard play and the manufacture of a guard pin, pallet staff and balance staff.

Battery replacement
Bracelet link extraction
Glass fitting / all types
Stem and crown replacement
Waterproofing and resealing
Bracelet and case restoration and texturing

Pocket watch repair
Hairspring adjustment
Jewel fitting
Stem making on the lethe
Balance staff turning
Pallet adjustments
Replacement of entry and exit jewels
INCA block understanding
Timing and guard pin replacement
Mainspring replacement

Gents wrist watches - in depth servicing, mechanical and quartz
Ladies wrist watches -in depth servicing, mechanical and quartz

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