Trainees Will Learn

Day One Overview

Trainees will learn the following:
• Correct procedure in watch cell replacement
• Opening and closing stubborn backs
• Replacing battery bridges, batteries and screws
• Preventing damage being caused to the circuit and coil
• How to replace batteries in watches that access is required from the front of the watch
• Hidden batteries within digital/analogue watches and the correct way to access them
• Watch bracelet link removal
• Fitting leather straps, buckles, spring bars, bracelet pins, rivets
• Altering or replacing watch clasps

A selection of efficient case back openers for both the screw and snap on type will be examined to include a suitable back closer and cheap alternatives. A section of this module to include a list of dealers who can supply all your requirements. We can also advise on the best selection of everyday watch findings to stock to help deal with the majority of enquiries that come into the modern jewellers shop.

Watch Repair Courses

Day One & Two Overview

As well as all the contents from day one, we train you to identify movement manufactures and calibre numbers so to order the correct stem, glass, crown and install them in the proper manner. With a little practice the trainee can be as good as any experienced watchmaker in relation to these part jobs.

We will also teach the trainee the correct procedure to obtain access to the watch dial so as to re-install batons, straighten or replace hands, install dial spots etc all profitable everyday jobs for the jeweller.

We will finish the day by teaching and practising watch glass replacement and replacement of the I gasket.

Day One, Two & Three Overview

As well as all the contents from day one & two, trainees will also learn the following.

In today's watch world most of the brands are simply replacing the quartz watch movements when the watch is either returned under warranty or returned for a service. Their theory is that replacing the movement is more efficient and reliable than perhaps employing a watchmaker to service the watch so no returns occur.

This process of movement replacement, in our opinion, is how the world ticks unfortunately and replacing the said movement is an easy profitable fix as long as one can obtain the identical movement. If not, all kinds of problems can occur, so with this based in mind day 3 will be dedicated to the highly profitable movement exchange, hand installing, fitting stem extensions, fitting split stems as well as basic case and bracelet refurbishment.

Everything you need to know to offer a service to create more revenue for your business.

Please note we will be teaching quartz watch repair and service modules in 2023 to include mechanical watch repair.

New 23/24 Courses Are Currently Being structured.

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