Course Overview

Trainees will learn the following:
• Correct procedure in watch cell replacement
• Opening and closing stubborn backs
• Replacing battery bridges, batteries and screws
• Preventing damage being caused to the circuit and coil
• How to replace batteries in watches that access is required from the front of the watch
• Hidden batteries within digital/analogue watches and the correct way to access them
• Watch bracelet link removal
• Fitting leather straps, buckles, spring bars, bracelet pins, rivets
• Altering or replacing watch clasps


JAN 15th,16th & 17th
JAN 29th, 30th & 31st
FEB 19th, 20th & 21st

Watch Repair Courses

We have revised this short course content as, with time constraints we could not train in as much detail as high level training requires so we have created an optional set of 3 days which has got more topics in depth for the trainee to complete at a later stage. We also have removed the optional day choice, all 3 days are now compulsory as we believe the structure of the course means each day relates to the following, we also discovered that the clients who had experience in installing batteries, in the majority of cases this experience was lacking, using incorrect techniques and methods.

Each of the 3 days are structured to include basic theory and although the course is 99% practical based the theory explained is essential informative knowledge that is required for successful completion of the course and retains a high level of training.

For full course details and prices please download our prospectus below.