Laser Welder | EVO X

• IUVAPS system, air purification (sanitation is it correct to use; it kills bacteria and viruses) system
• New generation touch screen
• Record and export videos and pictures in an external PC or showcase the working area/job in an external monitor. Some videos are available to showcase to operators how to face different types of jobs. It’s a sort of tutorial (we are still gathering these videos from customers, so not yet uploaded in the local memory)
• It has been developed to repair, weld and polish the following materials: steel, chrome-cobalt, titanium, platinum, palladium, gold (7-24kt), brass, copper bronze and silver, with and without weld wire. Without limitation.
• Quality, precision, durability and reliability
• Highly resistant cover, fire extinguishing too, sometimes required by some entities to comply with the safety standard of certain countries
• preset working parameters for different alloys or metals
• Wi-Fi connection. If connected to the local Wi-Fi software upgrade notification appears for downloading it
• 3rd year of warranty on spare parts, by registering the machine on Orotig’s web site
• All Ce-certification, User’s manual and documentation of the machine available online, when registering on Orotig’s website

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Orotig EVO-X Laser Welder

Laser Welder | EVO White

The Orotig Evo White laser welder has a number of advantages over traditional welding or soldering methods, laser welders offer faster processing times, greater precision, and the ability to weld thin and delicate metals without damaging or warping the piece. Due to the laser been contained to a small weld spot, there is no need to remove stones near to the weld area. Many jobs can also be completed without a further polishing stage being needed, saving the user time and money.

The Evo White offers the following features:

• The 89mm (3.5") touch screen display offers a user-friendly interface, with the ability to add and store additional presets, alowing the user to customise the mashince to their own working parameters.
• Thanks to the powerful Leica 10x microscope, intricate details of the object being worked on can be viewed in crystal-clear detail. An optic configuration with mirrors on both the front and back of the laser crystal is designed to generate a powerful welding shot.
• There is a connector for Argon, Nitrogen or Air. Adding Argon gas is only needed when welding Titanium, as Argon shields against oxygen which prevents it from oxidising and breaking down.
• USB for firmware updates and diagnostics
• The machine is supplied with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.
• Ergonomic armrest for maximum comfort whilst working
• Ideal for small to medium production
• Built in cooling system, using double-distilled water

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Orotig EVO White Laser Welder